Children's Book Illustrator & Writer, Wildlife & Nature Imagery by Debbie Gaida

Welcome!  Thank you for your interest in WyndRyderStudios.  I am a writer and illustrator of children's books, including: 'What God Says', 'What God Says Too', 'What God Says 3' and 'Puff Mouse'.  All are available on Amazon in paperback and ebook versions.  I also enjoy painting on a variety of media, focusing on wildlife and the environment.  Examples of past and current work are featured here..  Contact me for commissioned work upon request.  Remember to check back soon..... 'Christmas time 'with Puff Mouse' , 'When Worms Get Wings', and 'When Cats go to Heaven' are soon to be released.

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'What God Says', and 'What God Says Too' feature cute mice reminding readers what God would say is what matters most importantly.  No matter how much cheese, friends or toys you have, or what kind of house you live in.....God thinks you are awesome!  God also encourages us to take heart because He is the scorekeeper and never feels you are not enough.  These books were designed to teach simple messages of love, kindness, hope and faith. 

(Front and back jacket of 'What God Says Too')

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What God Says 3, offers more cute little mice and uplifting messages  including:  'You are a masterpiece', 'If you have faith the mountain can move, it will' and 'Do not throw stones as everyone has their own story'.  Cute mice and beautiful imagery on 35 pages remind readers of love, kindness,  faith and good will to all.  (See front and back covers ......).


Puff Mouse wonders why her tail is not straight, her whiskers look like spider legs, and her fur is VERY puffy.  Journey with 'Puffy' through 34 charming, colorful pages as she realizes how unique she really is!

'Picnic' (Original)

53"x17 1/2"

acrylic on canvas

'Flight', (Original) 18"x24", acrylic on canvas

'White Dog' (Original)
acrylic on canvas