Children's Book Illustrator & Writer, Wildlife & Nature Imagery by Debbie Gaida

Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, www.SCBWI.org.
Adirondack Center for Writing, www.AdirondackCenterforWriting

2016 Certified Grumbacher Fine Art Instructor for Michael's Arts & Crafts
Meet 'Puff Mouse', my newest children's picture book expected for release soon!  Puff Mouse reminds readers of personal uniqueness rather than emphasizing physical perfection.

 I can honestly say I’ve majored in art my entire life.  What artist has not??   From early grade school years to obtaining an AA in Fine Art at Fulton-Montgomery Community College in Johnstown, NY, and a BA in Art through Empire State College, Saratoga Springs, NY----I‘ve never stopped.  Along with my formal education, life experiences continually contribute to my creative process, where I remain gratefully humbled.  I've taught art and have worked with many children's groups including endangered specie awareness programs in Lee County, FL, and Schenectady, NY.  Working with Lee County Schools, volunteers together with the Wings of Hope Program at Florida Gulf Coast University, my painted quilt of a Florida panther (to scale) was presented to Gov. Jeb Bush.  My illustrative brochures continue to assist educating children of fragile ecosystems.


Along with my murals, pet portraits, and crafts, I have recently published my first children's book: 'What God Says'.  The 32 page softcover is available on Amazon.com, geared toward 3+ but children of a variety of ages have given it a five star rating!

And, since our beautiful country home, property, and wildlife in Upstate New York inspires beyond words---not forgetting my love John, my son Cory, family, friends, and pets..... I'll be continually adding new works to share.  

Looking forward to offering a very special work of art for you!


Debbie Gaida