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Craft Corner: Birdseed Ornaments

Posted on January 11, 2015 at 5:50 PM

As the cold wintry weather persuades me to stay indoors, I decided to make birdseed ornaments for the birds that frequent our feeders.

Look how cute they come out---- AND---- they're fun, inexpensive and easy to make!

There are a variety of recipes and tips on line to choose from, but I personally enjoy the one listed here:

Birdseed ornaments



Unflavored gelatin


Wax paper, cookie cutters

Material to hang ornament

Large mixing bowl


Dissolve 3 packets unflavored gelatin in about 1 cup water. Stir gelatin into 4 cups birdseed. Pack birdseed mixture about halfway into shapes or greased cupcake pans.  (No need to grease or spray cookie cutters).   Place ribbon loop into half filled form, covering the ribbon ends with more mixture till filled.

 Freeze about 2 hours.  Remove from cookie cutters.  Decorate with ribbon, or place on wreaths........ hang around your porch or yard. Makes approximately 10 large and 20 small shapes.

               ...........Chickadees were nearly landing on the ornaments as I hung them :)

    Needless to say......our birds LOVE THEM!!!!

Even woodpeckers ..................

I use Heart cookie cutters throughout the year....................

A few small ornaments were placed on a simple wreath at  windows in hopes of preventing crashes from bright reflection.

Give it try.  You and your birds will be glad you did :)

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